Structural Steel Works at Promenades des Continents – Building C

Since the last update of the work progress on the construction site of Promenades des Continents‘s building “C” in Saint-Jérôme, we have witnessed, throughout the month of February, the completion of the formwork and concrete work of the footings and structural steel works of the building, in addition to the beginning of the sealing works of the facades.

Here are some photos showing an overview of the works listed above:

Completion of formwork and concrete work of the footings

Structural steel works

Structure of the building

Another view of the building’s structure

View from the bottom of the building’s structure

Roof openings for the future ventilation units

View of the new “C” building at the intersection of Lamontagne street and Rolland-Godard Blvd.

Reinforcement of the roof structure for the ventilation units

Beginning of the sealing work on the building’s façades

Structure of the canopy

Continuation of Renovation at St. George’s High School

Since the last update in our “News” section for the renovation project at St. George’s High School – Fitness Center, we have seen a major work advancement in the last two months for the following items: Installation of new finishes and plumbing fixtures ans accessories in the locker rooms and washrooms in the basement, installation of the structures for the new fitness area and a variety of new finishes and integrated furniture.

Here are some pictures showing the last renovation works done for the fitness center:

New finishes, plumbing fixtures and accessories in the washrooms / locker rooms

Installation of the structure for the new fitness area delimiting the “low area” from the perimeter

Installation of the wood finishes in the new fitness center

New fitness area in the basement: Special vinyl floor finish in the “low area” with the official School’s logo with integrated furniture and Russian wooden wall panels on the perimeter

Progress at 300 St-Joseph East Since the Beginning of the Project

Since December 2016, Groupe Module has begun renovating and remodeling the old triplex located at 300 Saint-Joseph Est on Le Plateau.

The main aim of this work is to transform the three former apartments on 3 floors into 6 new modern units.

Here is a preview in pictures of the construction progress since the beginning of the project:

Front facade of the 300 St-Joseph East, corner Henri-Julien

Stripping the existing partitions and walls – The demolition works were carried out at full size on the 3 floors. Only certain partition structures and floors are retained.

Repairing the existing floors

Construction of new partitions for the new configurations

Promenades des Continents – “C” Building

Since November 14, 2016, Groupe Module is proud to have awarded the contract for the new construction of the “C” building of the Promenades des Continents located at 385 Lamontagne Street in Saint-Jérôme.

Groupe Module’s mandate for this project is to build a commercial base building to accommodate the future Starbucks coffee shop.

Here is a preview of pictures showing the works done on site since obtaining the contract:

Mobilization of the construction site

Vacant lot for the construction of the “C” building at the Promenades des Continents, in St-Jérôme

Excavation for the construction of the footings

Formwork and reinforcement for the footings

Concrete for the footings

Two New Projects for Groupe Module

The team of Groupe Module is proud to announce two (2) new projects ready to start a couple of weeks before the Winter Holidays:

  1. The transformation of an existing triplex, located at 300 Saint-Joseph East (on Le Plateau) into 6 modern apartments on 3 storeys, and ;
  2. The redevelopment of suite 207 located at 5800 Saint-Denis, Montreal, for the Société de Transport de Montréal (STM), tenant of the future office once renovated.

Front facade of 300 Saint-Joseph East, Montreal – Before the beginning of the transformation works


Lateral right facade of 300 Saint-Joseph East, Montreal


A portion of suite 207 at 5800 Saint-Denis, Montreal, occupied by a tenant before the beginning of the redevelopment works


The other portion of suite 207 at 5800 Saint-Denis, unoccupied before the beginning of the renovation works

Construction Works Continue at St.George’s High School

Since the beginning of the demolition works at the St.George’s High School in July, various works were held such as interior excavation, formwork and concrete works and reconstruction of the concrete slab of the lower area of the fitness center.






Aerial Views of Contrecoeur Buildings

Here are a few recent aerial views of the 4 buildings A, B, C1 and C2 of Contrecoeur Coopérative de Solidarité Fusion Verte, in Pointe-aux-Trembles.




A Last Glimpse of Contrecoeur Site Before the Construction Holiday

All 4 buildings forming Contrecoeur Coopérative de Solidarité Fusion Verte have been advanced a lot since our last update.

The proof – buildings B and C2 have been completely delivered and building C2, partially.

Here are a few pictures:

Building A



Building B




Buildings C1 et C2







Work Progress of the Structure and Beginning of Exterior Landscaping at 3630 chemin de Chambly

We recently observed at 3630 chemin de Chambly in Longueuil work progress of the structure of the rear extension and reinforcement of the existing structure as well as the demolition of a portion of the sidewalk in front of the building and parking lot.

2016-06-20 07.22.02

2016-06-20 07.23.23

2016-06-20 11.04.31

2016-06-20 12.49.00

2016-06-30 08.36.08

2016-07-12 10.28.03

2016-07-12 10.28.40

2016-07-12 10.40.08

Demolition Works at St. George’s High School

Since the end of June 2016, Groupe Module Construction has started the demolition of St. George’s High School‘s Fitness Center area.

Here are some pictures showing the demolition of the existing:

2016-06-27 12.36.37

2016-06-27 14.47.07

2016-06-29 06.09.14

2016-07-04 09.21.51

2016-07-08 13.33.07 - Copy

2016-07-08 13.31.24 - Copy