Continuation of Renovation at St. George’s High School

Since the last update in our “News” section for the renovation project at St. George’s High School – Fitness Center, we have seen a major work advancement in the last two months for the following items: Installation of new finishes and plumbing fixtures ans accessories in the locker rooms and washrooms in the basement, installation of the structures for the new fitness area and a variety of new finishes and integrated furniture.

Here are some pictures showing the last renovation works done for the fitness center:

New finishes, plumbing fixtures and accessories in the washrooms / locker rooms

Installation of the structure for the new fitness area delimiting the “low area” from the perimeter

Installation of the wood finishes in the new fitness center

New fitness area in the basement: Special vinyl floor finish in the “low area” with the official School’s logo with integrated furniture and Russian wooden wall panels on the perimeter