Structural Steel Works at Promenades des Continents – Building C

Since the last update of the work progress on the construction site of Promenades des Continents‘s building “C” in Saint-Jérôme, we have witnessed, throughout the month of February, the completion of the formwork and concrete work of the footings and structural steel works of the building, in addition to the beginning of the sealing works of the facades.

Here are some photos showing an overview of the works listed above:

Completion of formwork and concrete work of the footings

Structural steel works

Structure of the building

Another view of the building’s structure

View from the bottom of the building’s structure

Roof openings for the future ventilation units

View of the new “C” building at the intersection of Lamontagne street and Rolland-Godard Blvd.

Reinforcement of the roof structure for the ventilation units

Beginning of the sealing work on the building’s façades

Structure of the canopy